Brockbank's Teacher of the Year for 2009-2010 - Mrs. Kara Mikesell

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Brockbank Elementary is pleased to announce and congratulate Mrs. Kara Mikesell for earning Brockbank's Teacher of the Year Award for 2009-2010. Kara was honored by the Nebo School District Board at their May 12, 2010 meeting. Kara is a sixth-grade teacher here at Brockbank.

Kara is a fun, caring, and dedicated teacher. She provides students with wonderful learning opportunities which make her classroom an interesting place to be. Kara honestly cares about her students and wants to know about their interests and hobbies. She is dedicated to the growth of all students and puts in the time necessary to plan fun activities and lessons that are engaging for all learning styles. Kara is willing to sacrifice her planning and recess time to help students who struggle with concepts. She wants each student to be the best they can be.