Brockbank's PTA Spoils Faculty!

Submitted by brenda.johnson on
Brockbank's PTA is the best! To help celebrate "Teacher Appreciation Week", teachers were surprised Monday morning to find their classroom door decorated. Most of them in the pirate theme, to go along with the theme, "Teachers are our Treasures". Fun door designs included Mrs. Tara Farr's which says, "Mrs. Farr, Without You, We would be Ship Wrecked!" and Mrs. Kara Mikesell's door which says, "Mrs. Mikesell, You Are A Treasure!" The halls were also decorated with slogans such as "Brockbank Teachers & Staff Arrr A Treasure!" Additionally, all during the week PTA members spoiled the teachers and staff with delicious meals to enjoy each day at lunch. There was also a treasure box filled each day with goodies such as chocolates, mints, and gum. A huge thanks to our wonderful PTA and especially to Natalie Jensen, who coordinated the week's activities. We love our PTA!!