Wendy Dimond Receives PEAK Award

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Brockbank's Wendy Dimond was recognized and received the PEAK (Positive Energy and Kind) Award for December. She along with five other deserving Nebo employees were honored Wednesday night, December 11 at the School Board Meeting. Congratulations Wendy!

Wendy Dimond, Teacher, Brockbank Elementary
Nominated by: Jennifer Jolley & Larraine Nelso

“Wendy Dimond exemplifies the definition of a hero. She provides extraordinary service every day! Wendy goes out of her way to positively impact people around her. She looks for ways to make a difference by doing small and meaningful acts to brighten people's lives. She is aware of others and quietly goes about filling needs throughout the entire school. It doesn't matter what someone's role is, she cares about everyone. Wendy is also an amazing teacher! She is kind, loving, and patient. She goes above and beyond teaching the special needs kindergartners in her class. It appears to those of us around her that she exudes magic, which she sprinkles on her students. Her magic dries tears, spreads smiles, and has students performing above expectations!”~ Jennifer Jolley

“Wendy is so much fun to work with and always makes my day with her fun laugh and light-hearted personality! The parents love her and are so appreciative of all that she does. She works so hard and she is so deserving of this award!” ~ Larraine Nelson 


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