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Christian Rigtrup and Carissa Nostrom are our Brockbank Students of the Week. 

Christian is a sixth grade student in Mrs. Larsen's class. His favorite subject is math. Christian likes to play tennis and in his free time plays the piano. His favorite color is green. Christian doesn't have a favorite food, likes all food. He likes to read Micheal McVey books, and his favorite candy is Reeses. He has 4 siblings and recently became an uncle. Christian always gets his work done and is a great friend to everyone. 
Carissa is a sixth grade student in Mr. Loreen's class. Her favorite subject in school is math.Carissa loves to ride horses and in her free time she likes to hangout with friends. Her favorite color is purple. Her favorite candy is Hersheys and her favorite book is "Ghost". Carissa is very kind to everyone, always gets her work done, never disrespects anyone, is very polite, and always behaves in class.
By Shelbee Shepherd and Jade Romero