Student Teacher Plans Going Away Party for Brockbank Fourth Graders!

Submitted by brenda.johnson on
Brockbank enjoys having student teachers from UVU and BYU come every year and do their student teaching here at Brockbank. We have had some great ones and it is always hard when it is time for them to leave. One example is Mrs. Larina Quispe's student teacher, Miss Tierney Diamond from UVU. On her last day here at Brockbank she wanted to do something special for all the fourth-graders so she planned a
"Surviver Party". With the help of the fourth grade teachers they had a Surviver challenge. Some of the challenges included an egg search, marshmellow mouth stuff, eating dirt and worms (cookie crumbs & gummy worms), pushups, and hold the plank. The students divided into teams and everyone had a lot of fun! Brockbank fourth-graders are really going to miss Miss Diamond and wish her luck as a teacher!