Sixth Grade Students Attend Sports Hero Day at BYU

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Wed, 01/24/2018 - 09:56
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On January 18, 2018 approximately 1,000 sixth-grade students from across Utah Valley descended onto BYU campus for an exciting day to be spent with their local sports heroes. Brockbank Elementary made up 92 of all the 6th grade students. BYU calls this activity "Sports Hero Day." Its purpose is to provide sixth-grade students the opportunity to interact with BYU athletes, to learn about teamwork, and to observe their positive examples in academics, athletics, and social circumstances up close and personal. The sixth-grade students were given the chance to try many different sports with the college athletes by their side. Some of the student's favorites were football, track, and baseball/softball. Before the students went to BYU they wrote essays explaining, "Who Their Hero Is and Why?"  Brockbank's winner was Morgan Ivie. The culminating activity was a pep rally including the BYU cheerleaders, cougarettes, and Cosmo's own dunking team. They also listened to athlete's who spoke about staying mentally tough, being honest, keeping a good attitude, and balancing school and sports. It was a fun day that the students really enjoyed! 

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