Sixth Grade Renaissance Fair

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Sixth grade as well as the rest of the Brockbank family enjoyed a very special event on March 7, 2018: The first sixth grade Renaissance Fair was held as an all day event for students, parents, and teachers to enjoy! The festivities included the sixth graders dressing to represent a famous Renaissance person or country, an assortment of displays on their chosen countries and people, and two enjoyable Renaissance dances choreographed by a Nebo District dance specialist, Miss Rachel Kimball. She did a wonderful job and was extremely patient whilst teaching all three sixth grade classes both complex dances. “I learned a lot,” said Haya Swaidan, fourth grade, “And the dances were good, we liked them.”


Not only was there dancing and displays, but there were also tour guides who would bring groups of kids from their classes to the Renaissance countries. Countries included Spain, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, and England. Once a group was taken to a country, the one or two country representatives would tell about their land. They would also sign the group’s passports as the students listened to Renaissance figures talk about what role they played in the sixteenth century. “Okay, I liked one thing: the star stickers on my passport,” says Jerise Swaidan, kindergarten.


The walls were full of maps, flags, and fun facts. Sixth graders also did portraits of their Renaissance figure, or of themselves in the Renaissance, using oil pastel and other colorful material. They created their own coat of arms which included symbolic colors and animals that represented themselves. Both of these items were also hung on the walls. The students and teachers spent a great deal of time planning, preparing, and practicing to make the Renaissance fair come together. There were weeks of preparation and revision before any steps could be taken to do anything in the designated Renaissance area. But over all, the time consumed was worth all the work. The first Brockbank Renaissance fair will definitely be remembered by many.


Written by 6th Grade Student, Sandra Swaiden