Political Leader from Ecuador Visits Brockbank in Mrs. Louise Crook's Second Grade Class!

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Wed, 03/27/2013 - 19:26
Ms. Maria Fabiola from Ecuador visited Mrs. Louise Crook's second grade class on March 26. She is the political leader of her village in Ecuador and is visiting America to report to report to BYU and the Benson Institute how her village is progressing with the agricultural techniques taught to them by those organizations. Several years ago, Ms. Fabiola's village in Ecuador was having extreme hardship as main staple of their diet was corn. Representatives from BYU and the Benson Institute instructed the villagers in techniques of vegetable farming and small animal production for extra nutrition for the villagers. Ms. Fabiola spent the week visiting with agricultural experts here reporting the progress of her village as well as helping these experts replicate the success in her village to other villages. Dressed in traditional Ecuadorian attire, Ms. Fabiola wanted to visit an American school. She was amazed at the differences between her school and ours and explained to our second graders that in her village, students go to school until 12 years old, then work full-time on the family farm. Ms. Fabiola was curious as to where our school garden was - students in her village all work on a garden for the community. The idea of a school playground instead of a school garden was surprising to her! Mrs. Crook's class enjoyed the visit and had many questions for their guest.