Liz Bird is Horace Mann Classified Employee of the Year for Brockbank

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Mon, 02/25/2019 - 16:03
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Brockbank faculty and staff are excited to announce Liz Bird as the Horace Mann Classified Employee of the Year for 2018 - 2019!  

Liz and her husband, Riley live in Spanish Fork and have four children. In her spare time Liz loves to read, camp, but mostly enjoys spending time with her family. 
Liz is an outstanding employee and does an extraordinary job as our skills coach! We asked many of the teachers and staff what they love about Liz and they said the following:
"She does whatever is asked of her."
She works with a smile and is willing to help anyone."
"She is so deserving of this award!"
"She handles really hard students with such patience."
"She looks for things to do and ways to help in any situation."
"She is there for anyone that needs her."
"Liz is very flexible and goes where ever she is needed."
"Liz is so positive and kind."
"She show initiative and does what needs to be done without anyone telling her"
"She is a fabulous gingerbread designer."
Liz works hard everyday and has even asked to do more than her share, in cutting out lamination, putting books away, and organizing them. Liz helps with our McKinney Vento students and keeps track of them, how they are doing in school, and watches their attendance. 
Liz is so great to help and seems in the right place at the right time. Liz is a great asset to Brockbank and everyone loves her, respects her, and appreciated all the hard work she does. Thanks so much LIZ!