Larina Quispe Receives Crystal Apple Award for the 2019-2020 School Year

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Mrs. Larina Quispe  is this year's recipient of the Horace Mann Crystal Apple Award. Larina teaches second grade here at Brockbank. She has been teaching at Brockbank for the past 16 years. Larina and her husband live in Spanish Fork and have two sons, two daughters, two sons in laws, and one daughter in law.  

Miss Alyson Tobler writes about Larina;

"Larina came to Brockbank 16 years ago and was hired by Dennis Tuckett. She was hired as a 4th grade teacher at that time. Over the 16 years I've worked with her I've learned that Larina is  the type of person who is so fun to have around. She is always happy and cheerful and if your not in good mood all you need to do is hang around her for a few moments and BOOM! Life is better again! 

"Working with her as a team member is awesome! She is always looking for new and innovative ways to teach students core concepts. She starts planning ahead so she is ready to go in advance. She sees the needs of students and tackles those needs head on. She's easy going and quick to fill in for anyone or anything that comes up.

"Larina genuinely cares about her students and faculty here at Brockbank!

"She's the Miss Honey in Matilda. The cinnamon in our roll. Our Mary Poppins..practically perfect in every way. And the laffy to our taffy! 

"Life is better with Larina in it!" 

Congratulations Larina! She is very deserving of this award, we are so lucky to have her as part of our staff!