Happy 60th Birthday Brockbank Elementary

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Thursday, February 6, 2020, Brockbank Elementary celebrated its 60th birthday! We were honored to have some very special visitors come and help us celebrate. Four of the five former principals; Brockbank's first principal, Tim Moran (deceased) was represented by his wife Bliss Moran; Norma Thorn (daughter), Camille Hansen (granddaughter), and Heather Yancey (great-granddaughter) of Mr. Wallace W. Brockbank (Superintendent when Brockbank Elementary was opened)  whom Brockbank was named after, along with Superintendent Rick Nielsen, and Mr. Dave Rowe, Director of Elementary Education. 

In 60 years Brockbank Elementary has only had five principals. Mr. Tim Moran was principal from 1959-1983, Mr. Ronald Bills from 1983-1996, Mr. Dennis Tuckett from 1996-2005, Mrs. Alison Hansen from 2005-2015, and our current principal Mrs. Larraine Nelson from 2015- to present. 
A luncheon was served with faculty and staff and then an assembly was held to honor Brockbank's principals. When asked what advice the principals have for the students that attend Brockbank today and they were all in agreement, students need to work hard, do their school work, listen to their teachers, be a good friend, and in order to have lots of friends you have to be a good friend yourself.  
Picture #2 -Dave Rowe, Superintendent Rick Nielsen, Mary Brockbank, Bliss Moran, Ronald Bills,  Dennis & Dorothy Tuckett, Sara Hult (PTA President), Camille Hansen, Heather Yancey, Norma Thorn, Larraine Nelson, and Alison Hansen
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