Brockbank's Classified Employee of the Year

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Better late than never we would like to announce Connie Fisher as this years Classified Employee of the Year! Connie is the head adult sweeper here at Brockbank. She and her husband, Dwight live in Palmyra. Connie has one daughter and one granddaughter. Connie is a hard worker and is very meticulous in performing her job. We appreciate all she does here at Brockbank!  

Connie likes horseback riding, swimming, sewing, personal health, and genealogy. Some of her favorites are the color red, licorice, salad, cherry fresh lime drinks, the song, "The Dance" by Garth Brooks, the BoxCar Children book series, the movie "Pretty Woman", rodeo, and eating at Chuck A-Rama. Connie is currently in her 9th year as a sweeper at Brockbank, she also works at UVRMC in the cafe. Connie is a great person and we are so glad she is here at Brockbank!  Congratulations Connie!