Brockbank Third-Graders Show Off Their Leaf Pictures

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Brockbank third-graders show off their family homework project. The goal for this project was to make homework a time for "homeplay". Each student was assigned with their families to make a picture out of leaves. The students read the book, "Look What I Did With A Leaf!" by Marteza E. Sohi, at school to get ideas.
First the students and their families were to discuss the changes that occur in the fall and then go on a leaf hunt to collect a variety of leaves throughout the neighborhood. Next, they were to sort the leaves by shape, size, and color. Discussing the differences between the edges of each leaf, was it smooth, toothed or lobed? After collecting and sorting the leaves they were to press them between newspaper and put something heavy on them, like a phone book or dictionary. It would take a few days for the leaves to be ready to work with. The leaves needed to be flat, stiff, and dry. Then it was time to get creative. After gluing the leaves to the poster board and letting it dry for a day the students were to bring them to school to be laminated. The students enjoyed the project and the teachers were impressed with the creativity of all the projects.