Brockbank Teacher-Staff Parade

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Sat, 05/02/2020 - 10:29
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Dear Brockbank Families,

     We are looking forward to our Brockbank Teacher/Staff Parade, scheduled for Tuesday, May 5th beginning at 12:30.  Our teachers will be in their cars traveling through Brockbank Boundaries to wave HELLO, to all of our sweet students!  We hope to have students out on their porches or going to a place along the parade route to see our teachers and staff! 

    Attached is the map for our parade route!  It is long and quite detailed, but hopefully the details will be very clear for you to figure out where we will be traveling for our parade! As you view the map, look on each page where it says "start here" and "see next map".  That will help you know where to begin and where you are going, as we had to use different size maps that don't quite connect or line up.  Also, look for just the map you need for where you live-or close to where you live, to figure out where you want your family to watch the parade.  We, of course, cannot pass by every home in our school boundary, so we hope that it is not too much to ask that our Brockbank families walk or drive a little ways to get to a point where you can see the parade!  

     We will begin the parade at Brockbank at 12:30 and head northwest to Palmyra, Lake Shore, and Benjamin.  We have permission to go through the LDS Church parking lots, so you are welcome to go there and park your vehicles and watch the parade.  We will be going to Palmyra through the Palmyra LDS Church parking lot, then to Lake Shore, going through the Lake Shore LDS Church parking lot, then to Benjamin, to the Benjamin LDS Church parking lot, then east to our Spanish Fork City boundaries, where we will be winding through the school boundaries.   If you choose to go to the church parking lots, please remember protocol for social distancing and stay in your vehicles. 

      We are so excited to see our Brockbank Families!  We miss our students so much and can't wait to see them all!  We hope that you will be able to get to a place where you can see our teachers/staff!  

This information will also be on our school website!  Thanks so much!