Brockbank Staff Spotlights

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Brockbank Staff Spotlights are Mrs. Debbie Chandler and Mrs. Molly Newitt.

Mrs. Debbie Chandler is a special education technician in Miss Alyson Tobler's class. She and her husband live in Spanish Fork and have one son, three daughters, and nine grandchildren.. Debbie likes camping, knitting, spinning on her spinning wheel and making her own yarn and loves spending time with her grandchildren. Some of her favorites are the color green, Butterfinger candy, Mexican food, Raspberry Lemonade, the musical group, "The Piano Guys",  movie, "Somewhere in Time" and eating at Joe Bandido's. She likes baseball, her team is the St. Louis Cardinal's. Debbie's favorite vacation destination is to go to the beach! Something she said not everyone knows about her is that she likes Volkswagens! She has a Volkswagen Bug, Volkswagen Camper Bus, and a Volkswagen Bus that is decorated Hawaiian. She camps a lot in her Volkswagen Camper Bus! Before coming to Brockbank, Debbie worked at The Daily Herald (newspaper) for 24 years and as a lunch supervisor at Riverview Elementary. She has been at Brockbank since September 2014. Debbie is a sweet lady and we are so happy to have her at Brockbank! Mrs. Molly Newitt is a technician in Mrs. Wendy Dimond's transitional kindergarten class. She and her husband live in Lake Shore and have four daughters. Molly likes reading, yard work, hanging out with her husband, and living at the ballpark watching girl's softball! Some of her favorites are the color orange, peanut butter m&m's, Pepsi, steak and potatoes, 80's rock, the book," These is my Words: The Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine",  written by Nancy Turner, the movie, "Far & Away", and eating at Texas Roadhouse. Molly's favorite vacation destination is Switzerland! Something not everyone knows about Molly is that all of her daughters have attended or attend Brockbank and her mother, Vickie Probst is the lunch clerk at Brockbank. This is Molly's second year at Brockbank in Mrs. Dimond's transitional class and she said she loves it! We love having her here!