Brockbank Sixth Grade Students Participate in the Battle of the Greek Gods

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Tue, 10/17/2017 - 00:28
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Recently the entire sixth-grade participated in a Battle of the Greek Gods. This was an all-day activity at Swenson park where the students rotated and participated in many team-building activities. Each rotation included a task that required students to use strategies and work together to solve a problem. Brockbank sixth-grade teachers and students want to thank all the parents for their support and help! The students could not have had such a great experience without them! Many parents were able to come and help facilitate the activities as well as help with preparations ahead of time. Each activity was named to connect with Greek Mythology. Zeus’ Challenge obstacle course. Catch Hermes capture the flag. Demeters Towers building the tallest tower as groups. Chariot Races & Trial of Athena, trolley races, team activities. Olympic Events discus, javelin, shot put. Trojan War Escape Human-sized spider web. The culminating event was the much anticipated "Flour Bomb War." The students had a great time throwing flour bombs at each other and coming home covered in the white powdery flour. Many students commented that this was one of the most memorable field trips ever. The sixth-grade Battle of the Greek Gods is becoming a tradition that future students will look forward to when they are in sixth grade.

Pictures taken by JaNae Wilson & Torie Ludlow