Brockbank Second Grade Students Enjoy Farm Field Day

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Tue, 04/26/2016 - 23:14
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Brockbank second-graders recently went on a Farm Field Day held at Harward Farms in Springville. Farm Field Days is sponsored by the Farm Bureau and allows second-graders to see how a farm works and to learn about different things in agriculture. First they got to see a sheep be sheared and then the students split up and went to different stations where they got to sit on over turned buckets. At the stations they learned about sheep growers, beef growers, pork growers, bee farmers, a petting zoo, mink growers, hand sanitation, dairy farms, chicken farms, and farm safety. The farm teaches students that think all their food comes from a grocery store and shows them where their food really comes from. At one of the stations the students got to make a living necklace: which is a small plastic bags strung on yarn, the students got to plant a wheat seed in the dampened cotton in the bag. They then got to wear their necklaces home. It was a fun educational field trip and the students really enjoyed it!