Brockbank Reaches Goal in School Wide "Penny War"!

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Back; Natalie Millet, Sage Olson, Tyler Sorensen, Devin Berns, Cade Swenson, Caden Critchfield, and Freda Tuaone. Front; Stephanie Quiroz, Bowen Olsen, Evigail Chacon, Jimmy Escobia, Briggs Ashworth, Max Christensen, and Aimee Gilner.

Brockbank is excited to announce we raised enough money in our fight against cancer with our school wide "Penny War" to achieve our goal and therefore helping the Huntsman Foundation's "Walk of Hope". Huntsman's is building a brick pathway between the Huntsman Cancer Institute and Huntsman Cancer Hospital and with the generosity of our students and an anonymous donation of $350 we have raised enough money to get 3 bricks and have "Brockbank Elementary" engraved on them. Thanks to the time and effort of our "Kid Power" sixth-grade student council members, who were over the "Penny War" and helped to motivate the students to bring in their pocket change in this great cause we raised $1,228.43! Fourth-graders brought in the most money, $341.03 but didn't win the war, even though they brought in $99.00 in pennies.There was enough other coins and dollars in their can to cancel out all their penny points. Kindergartners ended up winning the war by having the most penny points with 44.91. Way to go Brockbank!