Brockbank Fourth Grade Teacher Receives Grant

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The Nebo Education Foundation meets each month at 7:00 a.m. to discuss submitted educational grants for students in Nebo School District. One of the goals of the foundation is to fund worthwhile projects in the district that provide resources to enrich student learning. 

The Nebo Education Foundation could use more money to fund these worthwhile learning grants. Anyone interested in donating to Nebo District schools, classes or programs can do so through the Nebo Education Foundation which is a 501 (c) (3) organization created to bring businesses and donors together for the benefit of Nebo District school children.  Your contribution is a tax deductible charitable gift as provided by law. Contact Lana Hiskey at 801-354-7400, email lana [dot] hiskey [at] nebo [dot] edu (link sends e-mail) or mail to 350 South Main, Spanish Fork, UT 84660. 

Brockbank Elementary – Amberly Kariuki Receives Grant
Amberly Kariuki, fourth-grade teacher at Brockbank Elementary, said, “This grant will be used to buy a multiplication Wrap Ups math kit to be used in fourth grade. The Wrap Ups will help students learn their multiplication facts, which are imperative that they know for the math they will be doing from here on out. Being able to physically manipulate an object in their hands, while orally reciting the math facts, will help make connections in their brains and help them remember and memorize the facts. The CD of math fact raps will add another modality of learning for those who learn musically. We are excited to be able to have enough to actually make in impact in fourth grade!”  


Lana Hiskey