Brockbank First-Graders Make Vegetable Soup!

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Brockbank first-graders in Mrs. Lisa Bird's class read the book, "Growing Vegetable Soup". The students then got the opportunity to make their own soup. One of the most important things they learned when getting ready to make the soup was that you need to make sure and wash your hands with soap and water. When it was their turn to help the students were told to recite the alphabet to themselves while washing their hands. The students learned how important it is not to spread germs so they wore gloves on their hands and hats to cover their hair. Once they were ready to make the soup they put water in a crockpot and added the vegetables that they had read about; carrots, potatoes, onions, celery, corn, broccoli, beans, and peas. They also added noodles and a can of cream of chicken soup. Then they stirred and stirred until finally it was done. The students enjoyed a bowl of soup that they had made themselves after which, each student wrote a receipe to take home and share with their families. It was a great learning experience that the students really enjoyed!