Brockbank Debate Team

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Brockbank fifth and sixth-graders worked hard preparing for the district debate tournament. Under the direction of Mrs. Kristel Peterson, students spent hours researching, dividing into affirmative and negative teams, and preparing oral arguments. At the district tournament Brockbank students did extremely well. Students debated in teams of two, overall winners are in pairs. Seven teams go on to state from Brockbank, with one more team going as an alternate. On the negative side going to state in 2nd place is Emmalyse Beecher and Kate Ethington, 3rd place is Kynslie Farr and Kenlee Lemon, 4th place is Robbie Lewis and Caden Shock, 5th place is Austin Mateus and Kal Roberts. On the affirmative side going to state in 1st place is Jessica Wendell and Olivia Roberts, 3rd place is Esmeralda Cisneros and Sandra Swaiden, 5th place is Meaghan Peine and Lizzie Mockett. Lizbeth Garcia and Mia Guzman get to go to state as alternates. Wade Jones took 2nd place, Adalie Sorensn 3rd place, January Langston 4th place and Jacqueline Moses took 5th place in Individual Oratory. A huge thank you to the faculty advisor, Mrs. Kristel Peterson, who worked endless hours preparing the students. 

 Way to go Brockbank Debate Team!!