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Hello, Brockbank Families!


I can’t believe that our school year is just a few days from being over.  I want to let you know that I feel so fortunate to be here at Brockbank!  I love our students! They are great kids with so much ahead of them!  I’m so sad to see our sixth grade students leave, but I know they are going to do great things!  I want to thank you parents for the hard work you do each day to support Brockbank!  We have such wonderful parents and I appreciate you sharing your most prized possession with us each day!  I also want you to know how much I love our teachers!  I see the hard work they do each day and the love they have for our students!  They are an amazing group of people!


It’s such an exciting time as we move into summer and I wish you a very happy break!  I hope you all have plans for fun vacations and time together as families and friends. 


IMPORTANT CHANGE:  Our district is changing registration so that all schools in the district will give parents the opportunity for online registration.  We are just learning what we will need to do to get this started, so unfortunately, we do not have a time frame for when this will take place!  We will keep in touch with you and let you know what is going on as we learn ourselves!  We will still have registration day, on August 1st, for those who would like to come in personally and register their children for school.


Our school office will be opened Monday-Thursday, from 8:00am-1:00pm, beginning May 30th.  Please feel free to come during those hours if you should need anything.


Teacher Requests for 5th and 6th grades:  Unfortunately we do not have teachers hired for 5th and 6th grades. When we do, we will send out information about our new teachers, then, we will give a time frame for teacher requests-ONLY FOR 5TH AND 6TH GRADES.


6th Grade Graduation:  We are so excited to celebrate the graduation of our 6th grade students!  This will be Tuesday, May 23rd at 5:00pm, in the auditorium!  We are very proud of our 6th grade boys and girls and wish them the very best as they move to Junior High School!


Swimming Day: On the last day of school, (May 26th) we will be having our annual swimming activity at the Spanish Fork Swimming Pool.  We will walk to the swimming pool soon after the bell rings.  There will be life guards at the pool. We will bring our busing students back to the school by 11:30 to catch the buses.  Our walking students will be back to school by noon

*Please make sure you child wears his/her swim suit under his/her clothing when he/she comes to school in the morning.

*Please make sure your child has a towel, underwear and clothing to change into when he/she is done swimming.

*Swimming toys, such as tubes, balls, etc., are allowed, however, NO squirt guns.

*Goggles and other swim gear are allowed.

*Please make sure your child’s swim suit is modest.  If the girls have two piece swim suits, the top must cover most of their tummies.  If their tops do not cover most of their tummies, then a t-shirt must be worn over their swim suit.

*Students will eat lunch at the pool.

*Students will not be allowed to leave the pool with any other adult besides their own parents/guardians.



Summer School: We are excited to offer a summer reading program this year at Brockbank Elementary.  The goal of our program is to keep students reading in the summer.   Summer school runs for seven weeks, beginning June 6th and running through July 20th.  Your child will be assigned to a 45 minute class that meets twice weekly on a Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  This means our first class is Tuesday, June 6th, and our last class is Thursday, July 20th.  (We will not have class on July 4th) You may pick up a registration form in the office.


This summer there are many opportunities for your child to take some fun ARTS classes.  Your child will be bringing a note home with some of these activities, and there are also flyers posted in the school windows that tell about each class offered! 


We appreciate all you do to support our school!  We love your children! 


Mrs. Nelson


Brockbank Bulletin:

5/22-5/26-Kindergarten Assessment

5/23-6th Grade Graduation-5:00pm

5/25-Field Day-in the morning!

5/26-Last Day of school-Swimming Activity/students dismissed at noon