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Hello, Brockbank Families!

We have had quite the week with the weather!  I just want to reassure you that I check the air quality and temperatures each day.  We keep the students in if the temperature is below 20 degrees and/or the air quality is poor.

6th Grade Science Fair:  Friday, February 10th will be our 6th Grade Science Fair.  We are looking forward to what our students are discovering and what they will share with us that day!

Stakeholder’s Survey:   On Wednesday, February 8, 2017, you will be receiving an email from Nebo School District asking you to complete a survey regarding our school’s effectiveness.  This is a very short survey and will not take much time.  Please help us by filling out the survey between February 8 and February 26th. The survey will also be available in Spanish.  We appreciate your participation!

Popcorn Friday:  This Friday, 50 cents a cup!

Classic Skating Night:  Mark your calendars for Friday, February 17th as Brockbank’s Classic Skating Night!  Our wonderful PTA won a drawing for a night of fun at Classic Skating!  This activity is for the whole family and is FREE!  Roller skates/blades and scooter rentals will be extra-skates for $1.00 and blades and scooters are $3.00.  Other activities are available to students and their families at a discounted rate of $3.00 per person.  Thanks to our PTA for this fun activity!

Superintendent’s Meeting:  On Thursday, February 23, Superintendent Nielsen will conduct a meeting, open to the public, where he addresses questions and concerns for our district.  If you have not attended one of these meetings, they are well worth your time.  

PTA Help:   PTA does so many great things for our school and parents helping inside the classrooms, as well as at home, can make such a big difference for our students!  The PTA meets the first Thursday of each month at 9:15.  They would love to have your support with ideas, activities, funding and classroom help! 

Please keep collecting those Box Tops!  They are a huge help to our school!

 Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Nelson


Brockbank Bulletin:


2/17-Classic Skating Night!

2/20-President’s Day-No School

2/23-Superintendent’s Meeting-SHHS @ 4:00

2/24-Spring Pictures

2/27-3/3-Kid Power Charitable Activity