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Hello, Brockbank Families!

We hope you enjoyed the long break!  I know the students were excited to come to school….or just excited because there was SNOW!  Please make sure that your child comes prepared with a warm winter coat, gloves, and a hat!  There will be days that we will be outside!

Parents, along 300 West, please do not park your car and get out of it, if you are picking up your child.  We need cars to continually move forward and not get stuck behind a parked car.  Also, please do not park inside the parking lot along the bus lane.  The only places to park inside the parking lot are in actual stalls.

We have also had people park in the handicapped parking that do not have handicapped stickers.  Please be considerate of those who need those places and do not park there, even if you think you will be just a few minutes.

BYU Womens Basketball Game:  On Dec. 7, our 2nd-6th grade students have the opportunity to go to the Marriot Center in Provo and attend a BYU Womens Basketball game.  The buses will leave at around 9:15 and we will return by 2:00 in the afternoon.  This will be a fun experience for our students and we look forward to attending this activity with many other students from our area!  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD KNOWS IF HE OR SHE WILL BE HAVING HOME OR SCHOOL LUNCH.  We need the count by tomorrow!

DARE Graduation:  We will celebrate the accomplishments of our 5th grade students as they have completed the DARE Training with Officer DeWitt!  The program will begin at 2:00 in the auditorium.  Parents are invited to attend this special celebration!  Our students have enjoyed their time with Officer DeWitt and they have learned so much!

Parents of 5th Grade Students:  in May we are going to have a very special day called, Walk for a Life.    On this day we will be going to Volunteer Park in Spanish Fork and will be learning about Veterans and recognizing the wonderful sacrifices they made for us.  Each 5th grade student will be receiving a dog tag.  The Veterans that we are working with have given us the opportunity to have the students choose a name of a family member/close friend or relative that is or was a Veteran, to be placed on their dog tag.  Your child’s teacher will be sending home a note for you to list the Veteran’s name and branch of Military Service that you would like on your child’s dog tag.  This is optional, and you do not need to send back the note if you do not have a name to go on the dog tag.  However, every child will still get a dog tag.   THESE NOTES ARE DUE BACK TO SCHOOL BY WEDNESDAY!

2nd Grade Program:  Our 2nd Grade students will have their grade level program on Wednesday, December 21st from 2:00-3:00.  This should be lots of fun and will get us ready for the Christmas season!

Have a great week and please be careful!

Mrs. Nelson

Brockbank Bulletin:

12/6-School Community Council-3:15

12/7-BYU Women’s Basketball game for 2nd-6th grade students-Please remind your child to tell his/her teacher if he/she wants home or school lunch!

12/9-DARE Graduation-2:00/Popcorn Friday-50 cents a bag

12/21-2nd Grade Program-2:00-3:00

12/23-1/2-Christmas Break