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Hello, Brockbank Families!

It was a wonderful first day back to school!  I loved seeing all the smiling faces come in to the school!   We are so lucky to have such great students, supportive families, and an awesome school to come to.  

I also wanted to thank those who came to our open-house yesterday!  It was great to see families come together and celebrate another new year of school!  I appreciate the PTA, and especially Brenda Dudley for all the hard work that they have gone to in helping start the new year!  

This year we are excited to announce our theme for this year, which is Choose 2 Matter! We want every child to know that he/she matters, here at Brockbank!  Each child plays an important part in making our school the best it can be.  Each child matters in his/her classroom, and each child can make a difference in the lives of others. I hope throughout the year you will ask your child about what it means to, "Choose 2 Matter" and the difference one person can make!

Just a couple reminders:  Please remember that when you pick up your child from school, we need you to line up along 300 West, or pull into the North parking lot.  If you want to park in the South parking lot, you need to park in a stall and get out of your car and walk to the building to get your child.  We do not want any children crossing in front of buses or other vehicles.  If you do pick up your child along 300 West, keep that traffic moving and don't park and get out of your car.  It makes it hard for other cars to pull in and out of parked cars.   

We will be having our Pop Into Reading Celebration on Sept. 8th.  Please have your child bring his/her calendar back to school by Sept. 2nd.  We are excited to see what reading took place over the summer and appreciate your efforts to keep your child reading!

Kindergarten will begin on Tuesday, August 30, and the morning session will be from 8:45-11:20, and the afternoon session will be from 12:20-3:00.  On Mondays, the morning session will end at 11:00 and the afternoon session will begin at 12:00 and end at 2:15.  Kindergarten assessments will be scheduled from August 23-29th.  For those coming to the Kindergarten assessments, please know that you will also have a hearing assessment, so please don't leave until that is taken care of.



Aug. 23-Aug. 29-Kindergarten Assessment

Aug. 30-Kindergarten begings-morning session-8:45-11:20, afternoon session-12:20-3:00.

Sept. 5-Labor Day-No School

Sept. 6-Hearing Screenings/DARE begins for fifth grade

Sept. 7-Vision Screenings

Sept. 8-Pop into Reading Celebration!

Sept. 9-Picture Day!