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Hello, Brockbank Families!

I hope you all enjoyed the day off yesterday and did something fun with your children! It's always fun to have an extra long weekend!

I want to take just a moment and thank you for the great year I have had, here at Brockbank!  I have been here officially one year and I love it!  I love the children and their cute, fun loving personalities!   Their smiles light up my day and the funny things they say make me appreciate my job so much!  The students here are so polite and good! I thank you parents for your support and patience as I am learning and still getting a feel for things!  The faculty and staff are remarkable and so awesome to work with. They are so dedicated and they love your children.  I see them work long hours and show such concern for the students and their progress.  Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of the Brockbank family!  I can't think of a better place to be!

We are looking forward to our 6th Grade Science Fair that will be this Friday, February 19th.  I know the students have been working hard and it is always a high-light to see the cool experiments that the students have been working on.  The Science Fair will be in the gym from 12:30-2:00.

On Monday, February 22, you will be receiving an email from Nebo School District asking you to complete a survey regarding our school's effectiveness.  Please help us by filling out the survey between Feb. 22 and March 6.  We appreciate the information and want to know what we are doing well and what improvements we can make with our school.   The survey is also available in Spanish. Thank you in advance for your participation.

Please make note that on Wednesday, February 24th, we will be dismissing the students at 12:00.  Bus students will be dismissed at 11:30.  We hare having this early dismissal so that teachers can receive district training.  

On Thursday, February 25th, we have the opportunity to attend a children's performance of, "Tales of the Arabian Nights."  We will be eating lunch early that day, then we will be walking to the Spanish Fork High School to watch the play.  This should be a fun experience for our students!  Please make sure your child dresses for the weather and has good walking shoes that day!

On Thursday, March 3rd, we will be having our Maturation Presentation.  The 6th grade presentation will be at 12:45 and the 5th grade will be at 1:45.  More information will be coming for that. 

Thanks for all you do and for the support you give to the school!  It's the best!

Mrs. Nelson

Brockbank Bulletin:

Fri., Feb. 19-6th Gr. Science Fair

Wed., Feb. 24-SDD-students dismissed at noon.

Thurs., Feb. 25-"Tales of the Arabian Nights," at SFHS

Fri., Feb. 26-Spring Pictures/2nd Gr. field trip to Living Planet Aquarium 

Wed., Mar. 2-6th Gr. assembly at the SFJH

Thurs., Mar. 3-5th and 6th Grades Maturation Presentation