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We had our BFF Celebration today! Our theme for the year was, Together We Rise! We have
talked about teamwork, giving service to others, equality for all and building others up! It has
been a great year and we hope our students will remember the lessons and how working
together will always raise others!
As most of you know I will not be returning next year! It has been a hard thing to face as I have
grown to love your children, our marvelous staff, and wonderful community! Mr. Nate Holt will
be taking my place for the 2021-22 school year! He is awesome and I know you will love him!
It has been fun to share information with him about our wonderful school! Mr. Holt is allowing
teacher requests and the window for that is today until May 21st. You will need to come into
the office and fill out the form-no emails will be accepted. Thank you so much!

Registration for Brockbank is now open! You are able to register your child by going to the
school webpage and clicking the link there. Please spread the word if you know of new
families to Brockbank! Also, please be sure to give the recommended donation of $25.00.
New families will need to scan 2 proofs of resident, birth certificates and vaccination records
for each child. Please feel free to come into the office if you have any questions or need help!

We are excited about our upcoming fundraiser, our school FUN RUN, that will be Thursday,
May 20th. We have had a lot of fun in the past running and walking outside, earning money for

our school! This year the money that we raise will go towards new books and technology!
We will be sending home information about the FUN RUN and a pledge sheet for the students
to ask for an amount for each lap the students run, or a flat donation! We ask that students DO
NOT go door to door asking for pledges, but instead ask family members for the pledges.
Thanks so much for your support!
Thursday, May 20th Schedule:
9:00-am kindergarten, 6th and 3rd grades
10:00-5th and 2nd grades
12:30-pm kindergarten, 4th and 1st grades

Nebo School District is offering a Summer Theatre Camp wher students will participate in
theatre games, explore acting, and rehearse and perform Double-Tied at the Tracks! There is a
flier attached at the bottom of the Bulletin!

Our students are beginning to prepare for year-end testing. We realize that with the good
weather students are involve in after school activities and also want to be out as long as there
is sunshine! We encourage you to please have your child get plenty of rest, have a good
breakfast, and please encourage him/her to do his/her best! A good attitude means
If you plan to have your child gone for an extended period of time from now until May 20th,
please let your child's teacher know so accommodations can be made. Thank you so much!

We are so excited to be able to have our Track Meets back on the schedule! In order to safely
participate in this activity, Spanish Fork City has asked us to abide by the following guidelines:
Elementary Track Meet Covid-19 Guidelines:
1. The participant MUST be kept home if they have any COVID-19 symptoms.
2. Masks will be required for all participants except while participating in a track event. Masks
will be required while participants are lined up to participate in each event.
3. No spectators will be allowed in the home team bleachers with the students. Social
distancing will be mandatory. If unable to social distance MASKS will be required to be worn
for all spectators.

4. Participants/parents should bring/use hand sanitizer throughout the track meet. Also please bring bottled water with name to the meet.

5. Follow Nebo School District's dress code.
We also recommend that students dress for any kind of weather, including a jacket and sweat
pants that they can put over their running clothing, bottles of water, sun screen and a hat to
shade their faces.
We could use more volunteer help during the track meet. If you are able to help, please
contact your child's teacher!
6th Grade-May 11th

Please support PTA by signing up for different positions with the PTA Board for our school.
The PTA does so much for our students, such as providing help in classrooms, raising money
for things like our marquee, our bottle-filling water fountains, and technology! Please help out
our students by participating in PTA!

Attention all Parents of 5th and 6th Grade Students,
The Diamond Fork Junior High PTSA would like to take this opportunity to welcome all the
incoming students and parents of Diamond Fork Middle School (DFMS) for the 2021-2022
school year. The PTSA provides activities for students and services to our teachers
throughout the year. It is our hope that every family can participate so we can better serve our
children and our school community.
Below is a link to sign up for our PTSA Board and Committee Chairs. As Diamond Fork Middle
School is a new school next year, all positions are open and we desperately need volunteers
to fill them! This is a great opportunity to be involved and make a positive impact on our
children’s school environment. Please sign up TODAY to be a part of Diamond Fork Middle
School PTSA. If you have any questions, please contact Jackie Packard, text 801-361-3920 or
email jackiehansen123 [at] hotmail [dot] com.

Thank You,

2020-2021 Diamond Fork Junior High PTSA Board
Jackie Packard, President
Lorie Casuga, President Elect/Student Representative
Kari Ann Roberts, Treasurer
Kristie Runyan, Secretary

For those interested, there is a Bright Ideas summer workshop for students that are interested
in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) activities. This is a great
opportunity for students to expand their minds and work on problem solving, critical thinking
and creative skills.

Thank you, parents, for following the laws and for driving slowly and carefully when picking up
your child. I see parents slowing down and being considerate of other drivers while picking up
Please also be aware of the following:
*Please do not flip a U-Turn on 300 West. In the morning or afternoon, there are too many
students that are walking and crossing the streets, and too many parents driving in and out of
the school grounds, that this is an unsafe practice. Please follow the laws!
*Please cross at the intersections and do not have your child cross with you in the middle of
the road. Please be an example of safety!
*If you park in the parking lot, please get out of your car and go and wait for your child so
he/she is not crossing alone in front of buses and cars.


5/11-6th Grade Track Meet
5/14-5th Grade Freedom Walk
5/18-6th Grade Freedom Walk/5th Grade State Fair
5/20-School Fundraiser-Walk-a-thon!
5/28-Last Day of School-students dismissed at noon!