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It feels like winter has arrived! We had lots of red cheeks and noses this morning! Please
make sure your child has a coat and warm clothing. If the weather is good, we will be going
outside and we want students bundled up!
I'm sure that many of you listened to Governor Herbert last night discussing new guidelines
for masks and social gatherings. I'm so proud of our students and how they have been so
great about following procedures with wearing masks. We will continue with our usual
practices. Thank you for your support and to our wonderful teachers for their constant work to
keep our students in school!

School picture retakes will be November 12th. If you are not happy with your child's school
picture please have your child bring his/her packet back to school and he/she will have
another picture taken. If your child was absent for the original picture day, please go online
and purchase the packet that you want and your child will get his/her picture taken.

*We are having quite a number of students that are forgetting their masks. Please make sure
your child has a clean, cloth mask each day when he/she comes to school.
*Please remember that if you bring lunch to your child that you need to bring lunch just for
your child. With this pandemic, we cannot share pizza, or other lunches.
*Please have your child only bring water in his/her water bottle. Please do not send juice, pop,
or Gatorade.

Thank you, parents, for following the laws and for driving slowly and carefully when picking up
your child. I see parents slowing down and being considerate of other drivers while picking up
Please also be aware of the following:
*Please do not flip a U-Turn on 300 West. In the morning or afternoon, there are too many students that are walking and crossing the streets, and too many parents driving in and out of the school grounds, that this is an unsafe practice. Please follow the laws!

*Please cross at the intersections and do not have your child cross with you in the middle of
the road. Please be an example of safety!
*If you park in the parking lot, please get out of your car and go and wait for your child so
he/she is not crossing alone in front of buses and cars.

11/11-PTA Mtg.-10:00
11/12-Picture Retakes
11/25-11/27-Thanksgiving Break-No School
12/9-PTA Mtg.-10:00
12/21-1/1-Christmas Break