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It was fun to have picture day today! Our students smiled so brightly and it was good to see

some teeth for just a split second!



We are very excited for our Reflections Contest! Reflections is a contest where students can

share their creativity through art, music, dance, etc.! It is a great way for students to recognize

their abilities and talents! Thanks to our PTA who is helping us get this underway! It will be

different this year where all the submissions will be done online. Below is information about

Reflections. We hope you will encourage your child to submit their wonderful work and share

their talents!

Submitting Entries in Utah Reflections Online. Go to the Utah Reflections Online website at

Note: you will need an account to access any of the features.

Click on the blue “Submit Reflections Entries” button.

Enter your username and password.

If you don’t have an account on, click on the “Register” tab and enter your


You will receive an email with a link to create a password.

Click on the link in the email and follow the directions.

If at any time you forget your password, you can reset it by clicking on the “Reset password”

Tab. Click the “Sign In” tab.

Click on the green “Add Entry” button.

Enter the requested information and click “submit” at the bottom of the form. You do not

need a separate account for multiple students.



October 29th will be our SEP Conferences. These conferences will take place via ZOOM! We

will send out a Sign-up Genius Schedule link that will be on the school website on October 7th.

More information will be coming, however, if you would rather come in person and visit with

your child's teacher, you will need to contact him/her and make a separate appointment.

Thank you!



This year we will celebrate Halloween on October 29th. We will not be having a parade and our

teachers will be in charge of any type of party/activities. Our wonderful PTA will be bringing in a

special treat for our little goblins!

Please remember our policy for costumes:

*No blood or gore

*No scary, bloody, vulgar costumes

*No Halloween masks-just our safe, cloth masks

*Face paint is fine, but please help out your child where he/she will be wearing a mask-it may

get messy for him/her.

*Dress policy is still mandated.



Parents, please help your child follow the Nebo School District Dress Policy. Please make

sure of the following:

*Shorts/skirts are longer than the point of the fingertips when arms are placed straight


*All shirts MUST cover shoulders-no tank-tops, spaghetti string type straps.

*Clothing must be clean.

*Hats are not to be worn in school.




Last May we celebrated the Governor-declared Utah Resilience Month. This Fall, we continue

to celebrate building resilience in our children!

Please click on the link below for an exciting message to Utah Parents that features:

Debut showing of “Resilient”, the new music video for students

10 Ways to Build Lasting Resilience in Your Children

Special invitation from First Lady of Utah Jeanette Herbert


Wash My Hands Challenge



I hope you are all filling in the bright green Box Top form with lots of Box Tops! Our awesome

PTA is challenging our students to bring these forms back to school, filled up, by October 26th.

Box Tops help our school earn money for great things, like our water fountains, that also fill up

water bottles. Box Top money helped purchase the marquee! Thanks to our PTA for ways to

support our students!



Students in Kindergarten, 1st, 3rd, and 5th grades will have their hearing tested on September




Thank you, parents, for following the laws and for driving slowly and carefully when picking up

your child. I see parents slowing down and being considerate of other drivers while picking up


Please also be aware of the following:

*Please do not flip a U-Turn on 300 West. In the morning or afternoon, there are too many

students that are walking and crossing the streets, and too many parents driving in and out of

the school grounds, that this is an unsafe practice. Please follow the laws!

*Please cross at the intersections and do not have your child cross with you in the middle of

the road. Please be an example of safety!

*If you park in the parking lot, please get out of your car and go and wait for your child so

he/she is not crossing alone in front of buses and cars.



If your child attends Brockbank, he/she is entitled to free lunch and breakfast. This will be for

a limited time.

For remote and Kindergarten students:

*Lunches will be in a closed container.

*Parents will need to call the school between 8:45-9:15 and order school lunch.

*Remote Learner Parents will need to pick up their child's lunch and breakfast in the office

between 10:45-11:00 (change from the email on Saturday).


*AM kindergarten students will have their lunches sent home with them. We are going to try to

have the lunches in a bag for easy pick up. You are welcome to send a backpack with your

child if you want his/her lunch in the backpack. For bus students, we are going to try and place

the lunches all together in a box on the bus. As children get off the bus, they will then take

their lunch with them.

*PM kindergarten students will need to be at school at 11:40 to eat lunch in the lunchroom.

Students will need to come to the west entrance of the lunchroom, get their lunch and sit at a

designated table. We will then help them get to their classrooms.



9/28-Picture Day

10/6-School Community Council-3:15

10/15-16-Fall Break

10/29-SEPs/Halloween Dress Up

10/30-No School

11/12-Picture Retakes

11/25-11/27-Thanksgiving Break-No School