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Hello, Brockank Families!

We were so thrilled with the response that we had from our Reflections contest! We have such talented students and we were very proud of them today at our assembly! Look for the participants and winners on our school website! Thanks to Cindy Shepherd for all of her hard work!


We are excited about our upcoming SEP Conferences that will be held this Thursday, October 24th. PLEASE make sure you have signed up for a session! Your child will be bringing home a reminder note for your scheduled time.


The links for sign up will be taken off of the school website tomorrow (Tuesday) at noon. After that you will need to call the office to sign up for a time!




We are learning more and more that we are losing connections with our youth! With texting, social media and such, we are losing some of the face to face interactions and conversations that are so vital to the development of our children! Each week I hope to add just a small reminder to make a connection with your child! Every little connection you make with your child helps him/her build a foundation of emotional, mental, physical and social stability.


This week's connection: Talk about the kind of student you were when you were your child's age. Tell what things you liked to do and what your teacher said about YOU at parent conferences!


Book Fair


The Book Fair will run from October 16th, 21st-24th. It will open each morning from 8:15-8:45, then after school from 3:00-3:30. Monday, on early out day, it will be open after school from 2:15-2:45. The night of SEP Conferences, it will be open from 3:00-8:30.


SEP Conferences-October 24th

We are looking forward to our upcoming SEP Conferences that will be Thursday, October 24th, from 3:30-8:30. This is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of your child! If you feel you need more time with your child's teacher than what is scheduled, please contact your child's teacher and schedule another time that will allow time to visit. Please be considerate of the time that other parents also need and keep to the allotted schedule. Teachers will also have a dinner break from 6:00-6:40.


The sign-up links will be taken off the Brockbank website, Tuesday, October 22nd, at NOON. If you need to make an appointment after that you will need to call the office. 801-798-4025.


The schedules will be set up by Kindergarten, younger grades, which will include 1st-3rd grades, and older grades, which will include 4th-6th grades. Also, because of the amount of students in 3rd grade, there will be a Wednesday option for Mrs. Creer, Mrs. Christiansen, and Mrs. Marx. Mrs. Heelis, and Mrs. Dimond will have their own schedules as well.


PTA Halloween Carnival Fundraiser!

Mark your calendars for Monday, October 28th, for the PTA Halloween Carnival! This fun, family event will be from 5:00-8:00 pm at the school!


The PTA will be having presales for carnival tickets Thursday and Friday before and after school to save you time and avoice long lines on Monday night! Tickets are 50 cents a piece. All games and activities will be 1-2 tickets each! Food will be sold so families can come and eat and enjoy the night! Families may dress up in their Halloween Costumes!


The PTA can use extra help this night, so please, whether you are a member of PTA or not, sign up to help:


Sign-up link below



PTA-We have set up an online store so it's easier to buy a membership. We also are sending an envelope home with your child, as another way to pay and join the PTA.


Here is the link to the store If the link doesn't work, just type in this in your search bar


Thank you!


Silent Auction Baskets

As part of our Halloween Carnival, the PTA is putting together Silent Auction Baskets that will be available for bidding! Your child should have brought home a note asking for donations for the "theme" of the basket. Please send your donations to your child's classroom asap! Thanks so much!

Popcorn Friday, this Friday! 50 cents a cup!



We are looking forward to Halloween! It is such a fun time of year. I know some of you are getting ready; buying and making fun costumes that your child may wear to the PTA Halloween Carnival, which is October 28th, and for Halloween on October 31st. Please remember for BOTH events, that painting blood and gore on faces and body, masks, and violent costumes or weapons, will not be allowed at school. Face painting is fine, but again, no blood or gore. Please help your child be appropriate here at school!

Box Tops to be collected Friday!

We all know that Box Tops has been a great help to our school! With Box Tops we have been able to put money towards the drinking fountains that specifically fill up water bottles, and our marque, as well as many other fun things that help our school!


The PTA will be collecting Box Tops this Friday! Please send them our way!



We are starting up our Math Lab in the mornings, before school! We have two tutors that will be here at 8:30 to help any students that need help with math concepts, assignments, and homework. The Math Lab is in the library and all students are welcome to come!

LOVE AND LOGIC Parenting Workshops

There will be Love and Logic Parenting Workshops, (three for the full course) November 5th, 12th and the 19th. Please check the attached flier with this bulletin for more information.

PLEASE! No more soda pop or drinks with dye in them

We are having problems with soda pop and Gatorade at our school. We have had several spills on the carpet and we cannot get the stains out of the carpet. Please do not send soda or other drinks with dye in them that can potentially ruin the carpets. Please do not send these drinks for lunch with your child or for birthday or party treats. Thank you!


We want to let you know that we are practicing monthly drills to help our students know what to do in various types of emergencies. Today we had a fire drill. We even had Spanish Fork police here to help with the evacuation and checking our school and classrooms! We appreciate their willingness to assist us with these drills!



Parents, please follow our school rules that we expect our students to follow! Please be an example! Here are some reminders:

*If you are picking up your child, you will need to park on 300 West. If you park on the east side, YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE YOUR CHILD CROSS AT THE INTERSECTION WITH THE CROSSING GUARD.

*Please drive slowly and be patient. We all need to work together to get our children safely home!

*If you want to park in the parking lot, you will need to park your car, then walk in and get your child.

*Please do not park where there are orange cones.

*If you are coming into the school to get your child, please wait in the front entrance until the bell has rung.

We want to keep our students safe, and even though you may be with them, we need you to follow the rules as well.




We invite you to LIKE us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as our own Brockbank website! Follow us on Instagram--#Brockbankbest, #Lookatbrockbank, and #BrockbankBFF


Please check our website for more info!


Thanks for being the BEST!


Mrs. Nelson


Brockbank Bulletin:


10/21-24-Book Fair:Before school 8:00-8:30, after school-3:00-3:30, Monday after school-2:15-2:45, 10/24-3:00-8:30


10/25-Popcorn Friday-50 cents a cup

10/28-PTA Halloween Carnival Fundraiser

10/31-HALLOWEEN! Parade at 9:00; pm kindergarten-12:30

11/1-PTA Mtg. 1:00

11/5-Picture Retakes

11/12-4th Gr. Program