December 2012

Brockbank Student Picks His Grandpa as His Wax Museum Spotlight!

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Tue, 12/18/2012 - 11:09

Fifth-grade students at Brockbank Elementary recently held their annual wax museum and while most students picked people like Daniel Boone, Thomas Edison, Shirley Temple, etc...(all great people), one student picked his grandpa as his famous person in American history. Garrett Dedrickson choose to spotlight his grandpa, Colonel Walter T. Stewart. Colonel Stewart is a local World War ll veteran, best known for leading the 93rd Bombardment Group on the low-level bombing mission of the oil refineries in Ploesti, Romania during Operation "Tidal Wave" on August 1, 1943.

Brockbank Third-Graders and Kindergarteners Work Together!

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Sat, 12/15/2012 - 10:27
Third-grade students in Mrs. Carolyn Creer's class, once a week, go into Mrs. Tara Farr's kindergarten class and help the students. Each kindergarten student gets a third-grade buddy to work with, whether it be reading to each other, practicing flash cards, or just helping the student with whatever they are working on. Whenever there is a holiday, or at least once a month, the students get to do a fun activity together. On December 14, they got to make Christmas trees made out of ice cream cones, covered with frosting, and decorated with candy.

Brockbank Third Graders Perform Christmas Program!

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Thu, 12/13/2012 - 22:08
Brockbank third-grade students have been filling the halls of the school with cheery Christmas music. On Thursday, December 13, the third-grade classes put on a Christmas program for the rest of the students and then that evening for their parents and families to enjoy. It is a great way to get in the Christmas spirit. The students did a great job!

Brockbank Kindergarteners Make Gingerbread Men!

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Tue, 12/11/2012 - 15:22

Brockbank kindergarten classes have been reading books about "Gingerbread Men". For a class activity each class made gingerbread man cookies and baked them. Mrs. Tara Farr's class made a big gingerbread man and decorated it, when they went to get the cookie out of the oven to eat it, he was gone. The gingerbread man had left the students clues around the school of where to find him. Finding the clues helped the students become more familiar with the school. The clues finally led the students back to where they started and they found the gingerbread man waiting for them.

Brockbank Staff Spotlights

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Tue, 12/11/2012 - 10:00
This weeks spotlights are Mrs. Cynthia Loreen and Ms. Traci Ross. Mrs. Cynthia Loreen teaches fourth-grade here at Brockbank. She and her husband live in Spanish Fork and have two sons and two daughters. Cynthia likes shopping, going to Disneyland, and decorating (especially for Christmas). Cynthia likes the color pink, Swedish Fish, Crystal Light, and Mexican food, the movies, "Elf" and "Sandlot", book, Number the Stars, and eating at Brick Oven. She likes dance, soccer, and baseball, her team is the Seattle Mariners or any team her kids are playing on.

Brockbank Helps Spanish Fork High School with "Project Teddy Bear"

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Fri, 12/07/2012 - 08:34

Brockbank recently joined in with the Bank of American Fork and Spanish Fork High School's Letterman Club in collecting stuffed animals for at risk children in local treatment centers. Brockbank students have been bringing in new or gently used stuffed animals to help with this cause. The Spanish Fork High School athletes challenged the students by telling them that the class that brings in the most stuffed animals will recieve a party provided by them. "Project Teddy Bear" will continue to run until December 13. Teachers have been touched by the generousity of their students.

Brockbank Fourth-Graders Attend Utah Symphony

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Fri, 12/07/2012 - 00:35
Tuesday, December 4, Brockbank fourth-grade students had the opportunity to go to Maple Mountain High School with fourth-graders through out the district and watch the Utah Symphony. Through out the concert, students were introduced to different instruments used by the symphony. It was a great cultural experience and the students really enjoyed it!

Brockbank Students Write Christmas Letters to the Troops in Their Computer Class

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Wed, 12/05/2012 - 14:47

One sixth-grade class and one fifth-grade class in Mrs. Frances Dyches' computer class got the opportunity to send letters to the troops for Christmas. For a typing assignment, they typed their letters telling the troops how much they appreciate the sacrifices they are making. They told them a little about themselves and what subjects were their favorites. They wished the troops a Merry Christmas and told them to come home safely. The students then printed their letters and Mrs. Dyches is going to send them. Students really enjoyed the assignment and hope the troops enjoy their letters.