March 2012

Representatives from Living Planet Aquarium Visit Brockbank Fourth Graders!

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Sat, 03/31/2012 - 23:52

Friday, March 30, Brockbank had two representatives from the Utah Water Van program come to visit. The Utah Water Van is an educational outreach program about Utah's water cycle and is offered by The Living Planet Aquarium to fourth-grade students throughout Utah. Fourth-grade students were allowed through the use of models, to see and better understand Utah's water cycle and how Utah uses its water. Students learned about water conservation, importance of wetlands and about some of Utah's native wetland plants and animals.

Brockbank Third-Graders Compete in Spelling Bee!

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Thu, 03/29/2012 - 09:49
Wednesday, March 28, Brockbank Elementary third-graders held their Spelling Bee. The spelling bee is held in conjunction with the Spanish Fork Rotary Club and their donation of a dictionary for every third-grade student. Glen Roach, a member of the Spanish Fork Rotary Club and representative of Central Bank donated the dictionaries to Brockbank third-grade students in the fall. Spelling bees were held in the individual classrooms during the month of February and the top four winners from each class competed with each other to determine a winner. Classroom winners were from Mrs.

Brockbank Students Enjoy Indoor Tennis!

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Sat, 03/24/2012 - 11:23

Brockbank's Speech Teacher, Mrs. Susan Johnson helped to start and supervise an after school tennis program. Mrs. Johnson has over 30 years of tennis experience and wanted to give the students something else to do inside during the winter months. So with the help of the United States Tennis Association who generously donated junior size tennis nets, foam balls, and rackets, and with the help of volunteer staff members, she made it happen. The first session was for the older grades 4-6 and currently the younger grades 1-3 are meeting one day a week for an hour after school.

Brockbank Hosts A "Penny War" to Help Raise Money to Fight Cancer!

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Wed, 03/14/2012 - 15:13

Brockbank Elementary is raising money to support Huntsman Foundation to fight against cancer. The sixth-grade student council members met and decided to have a school wide "Penny War". Each grade level has a sealed can for students to put money in. The object is to get more points than the other grades. Pennies are each worth 1 point. There is a catch - if you put anything other than pennies in your can, it subtracts points from your total. For example, if you put a quarter in your can you are subtracting 25 points.

Author Visits Brockbank

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Tue, 03/13/2012 - 15:56
Author Julie Wright visited Brockbank recently. She is the author of the Hazzardous Universe series. Ms. Wright shared with students her experiences as an author and got the children excited about writing. Together with the audience, Mrs. Wright wrote a story. Students came forward and picked random things from a "grab bag" of items. Ms. Wright led the student audience as they wrote a story complete with characters, a simple plot, and a conflict. Throughout the process, Ms. Wright emphasized students' creativity and pulling the story out of their own imaginations. Students enjoyed Ms.

Brockbank Students Receive Birthday Book Signed by Principal!

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Mon, 03/12/2012 - 10:11
Brockbank Elementary celebrates students' birthdays in a fun way, when it is a student's special day, he/she comes to the office and selects a book out of Pricipal Alison Hansen's basket of books. Students love choosing a book of their own and Mrs. Hansen enjoys signing each book and wishing each child a happy birthday. Funds for the books have come from hosting such successful book fairs each year. Thank you to all of our parents and grandparents who support the book fair each year!

Brockbank Kicks-Off Book Fair with "Dad's & Doughnuts"!

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Sun, 03/11/2012 - 23:34

Brockbank Elementary held their "Dad's and Doughnuts" on Friday, March 9. It was the kick-off for the annual spring book fair hosted by the PTA. The students, along with their dads, moms, grandparents, or other special family members were able to come and browse for books through the book fair and then enjoy doughnuts and milk. Thank you to the PTA for sponsoring this fun morning!

Brockbank's Mrs. Marcy Noorda is Awarded the Crystal Apple Award!

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Sun, 03/11/2012 - 18:36
Brockbank School is pleased to announce Mrs. Marcy Noorda as the recipient of the 2011-12 Horace Mann Crystal Apple Award. Since Mrs. Noorda's first year in 2007, she has been an asset to the faculty and staff at Brockbank. Principal Alison Hansen says, "Mrs. Noorda is a pleasure to watch teach. She helps each individual child reach his/her potential and is conscientious about helping each child reach a year's academic, emotional, and social growth regardless of whether he/she is the highest performer in the class or the student who struggles the most.