We Love Our Principal

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Fri, 01/06/2023 - 15:47
Nate Holt -Rural Principal of the Year

Our favorite principal, Mr. Nate Holt, was awarded the Rural Principal of the Year! The school district defines it as “a principal of a rural school who has made significant improvements to overcome the special challenges given the remote nature and size of the school.” We are super proud of him! He's done, and continues to do, amazing things for the students and faculty at Brockbank! We asked the staff to write something they appreciate or admire about Mr. Holt. The following are just a few of the responses:

I appreciate and admire your work ethic and how much you care about the students at Brockbank. You always have a smile for the students and staff. Thank you for being a great principal!

Congratulations! Nate is a perfect fit for Brockbank! His smile and positive attitude make our school a fun place to be. His vision and focus on student success is leading to positive gains for our students. Thanks for all you do for the students, teachers, and families of Brockbank!

Nate really cares about the students at Brockbank. You can feel how much he wants them to succeed and I think that is what makes him a great principal.

He has a great sense of humor! When he asks us for feedback, he truly listens! I feel like he appreciates the hard work we all put in to make our school successful!

I love the time he dedicates to knowing each employee and student. I have truly felt heard and cared for as the year has presented its unique challenges. He reaches out and shows genuine concern for each student or teacher's case. I appreciate the constant support and the feeling that I always have someone in my corner! I love that he feeds the school's soda addiction and invites fun into the workplace!

Thank you, Mr. Holt, for everything you've done for us at Brockbank. We love you!

Katie Shumway