Students of the Month for January

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Fri, 02/04/2022 - 16:12
Students of the Month

Brockbank Students of the Month for January! Congratulations to these students for being such great examples!

Ryder Shaw - Ryder tries so hard every day.  He is nice to everyone in class and always follows teacher instruction.

Cameron Gorham -  Cameron is so fun to have in class.  He loves to have fun with the other students in class and loves to laugh and dance.  He works hard and is always on task.

Harrison Shepherd– Harrison is such a good helper.  He always has a big smile and loves to learn.  He is a good friend and always does his best work.

Gloria Jarvis– Gloria adds so much positive energy to our class.  She is funny, smart, happy, and makes us smile everyday.  She enjoys learning and makes our classroom a fun place to be!

Quade Jepperson - Quade is aware of his classmates and always makes sure they have what they need. He is so kind and such a great example. He follows the rules and works hard every day. 

Lucy Carter - Lucy always has a smile on her face and is ready to do her best! She is such a good example, and is a friend to everyone. She has learned so much this year and loves learning!

Paityn Olson - Paityn works hard and tries her best on all of her assignments. She’s helpful and friendly which is why she was chosen for student of the month.

Scotlyn Sperry - Scotlyn is always engaged in learning.  She participates in class discussions and is eager to help her classmates with anything.   Scotlyn has such fun energy that spreads throughout our classroom.  Scotlyn makes our classroom better! We love you Scotlyn!

James Yates - James is such an incredible student. He has been helping to  build a community that cares in our classroom by being friends with and accepting everyone. He takes the initiative to make sure that everyone is included and has someone to play with. Way to show your Bronco Best James  

Frida Ross - Frida comes to school each day ready to learn. She works hard to get all of her assignments completed everyday. She is  a great helper, especially with our new student.  Way to go Frida!

Raygin Richman - Raygin is a friend to everyone. She is very respectful and uses her class time wisely. She is an amazing student. We love having her in our class!

Trigg Farr- Trigg is always doing his best work and helps others to stay focused in class. He is thoughtful and a good friend to his peers. He always tries to be his Bronco Best! We love having him in our class! 

Deegan Hatch - Deegan is such a kind student. He is a friend to everyone in our class and is always watching out for his fellow classmates. He works hard in class everyday. He is such a great kid with a kind heart

Hudson Beck - Hudson is always kind to his peers. He invites others to play. He works hard on his assignments. He genuinely tries his best at what is asked of him. Austin Waite - Austin is such a nice boy. He gets along with everyone and is a good friend. He works hard in school and always does his work. He is a great student and a joy to teach.

Bailey Norton - Bailey is a good example to her peers . She is always willing and ready to help those in need. She is always one of the first to raise her hand to answer questions .She is fun to have in class.

Aisley Hill - Aisley is a great student!  She is friendly, and kind to everyone.  She works hard to take ownership of her own learning.

Oaklie Isaac - Oaklie is a great student and friend!  She is a hard worker and always does her best!  She is helpful and kind and we love having her in our class!

Grace Jensen - Gracey is so dependable. I can always count on her to help me out, or help others. She is a hard worker, a kind friend, and a great example to everyone!

Brayden Cornaby - Brayden is such a hard worker.  He always tries his hardest.  He is a great example  for his classmates.

Emillee Peterson - Emillee is such a positive and happy student! She is always willing to help her classmates and works really hard to do her best. We love having Emillee in our class!

Mcklain Taylor - At the end of every day, Mcklain says “Thanks Mrs. Peterson I hope you have a great night!” Such great Bronco Best behavior! He is so kind to everyone and helpful to his teacher. We love talking about the Jazz and he makes our class a great place to be!

Canyon Roberts- Canyon is always working to be his Bronco Best.  He’s friendly and helpful to everyone.  He makes our class a positive place to be.