Students of the Month for February

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Mon, 03/07/2022 - 10:23
Students of the Month

Brockbank Students of the Month for February! Congratulations to these students for being such great examples!

Logan Luster. Logan is blind but treats the world like he sees all. He likes hugs and is kind to everyone. He works hard and had learned so much in our class.

Olivia Stephenson -Olivia is a great girl to teach. She has learned so much and has grown a lot. She is a friend to all in class. She loves to smile and tell stories

Hadlee Ward -Hadlee is so full of life and her excitement for everything brings so much joy to our class. She is so smart and loves to learn.

Corbin Guymon - Corbin is such a good kid! He listens and does his work without being told. He loves to learn and always has a smile!

Ana Espino - Ana comes to school every morning with a positive attitude and ready to learn. She looks for ways to help others and does amazing work! She is a great example!

Cooper Golding - Cooper has such a love for learning and does his best work every day! He always follows the rules and is such a great example!

Kreed Stephens - Kreed always does his work. He never complains and is quiet in class. We love having him in our class!

Braya Leifson - Braya is a great example to our class. She tries to follow all classroom and school rules. She sets goals for herself and works hard to accomplish them. She is a great example to all!

Baylee Kinsman - Baylee is such an incredible student. She shows her Bronco Best by always doing her best work with everything she does. She shows respect towards her teachers and peers and sets a good example for others in our class. Way to go Baylee!

Hudson Ashcroft - Hudson is a great friend to everyone! He goes out of his way to make sure that everyone feels included. During a new game or activity he takes the time to make sure that everyone knows how to be involved. Way to be your Bronco best Hudson!

Cameron Galovich - Cameron is such a great friend to everyone. He works hard and never gives up. He is always his Bronco Best. We love having him in our class.

Jacee Shepherd- Jacee is so kind to others in class. She always includes others and tries her hardest with her school work. We love having her in our class!

Piney Shepherd- Piney has been working so hard this year on reading and math. It has not been easy for her but she has persevered and tried her hardest each day. Her effort is not going unnoticed as she has made stellar achievements in both subjects.

Lane Williams - Lane has made great strides in his learning. He gives it his all in his work. He is kind to others and is quick to follow directions.

Jamie Bradshaw - Jamie is such a fun and outgoing girl. She is an outstanding student. She always participates and works hard. She’s kind and is a good friend to her classmates.

Beckham Sperry - Beckham has been a fun kid to have in class. He always raises his hand to answer a question and when he gets his work done he helps his classmates that are having a hard time .

Ledger Kelsey - Ledger has worked hard to improve in all areas of his education. He does his best work and is a good example to his peers.

Jahveth Medina is a great student who always does his best. He is kind, follows the rules and works hard!

Komasi Maile - Komasi has made it a priority to come to school and is doing so well! He works hard, is kind to everyone and is so respectful.

Reagan Carter - Reagan always tries her best. She has made a ton of improvement in her math and reading. I can count on her to be kind to everyone!

Trey Wise - Trey is a friend to everyone. He makes others feel special and wanted. He’s always willing to help others!

Colton Shepherd - Colton is always ready to jump in and help with everything anyone needs! He is very kind and considerate to all of his classmates and keeps us laughing every day. He encourages others to be their Bronco Best!

Allie Sorensen - Allie is very responsible. She’s a great helper to me and other students. She is a great example to all, and always has a positive attitude!