December Students of the Month

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Tue, 01/18/2022 - 21:10
Dec Students of the Month

Brockbank Students of the Month for December! Congratulations to these students for being such good examples!

Oakley Hallock - Oakley is so fun to have in class.  He knows so much and loves it when he can get something right.  He’s a friend to everyone. 

Ammon Wright- Ammon is so nice to everyone in class.  He is a friend to all. He works hard and loves to learn. 

Taggart Shepherd– Tag  loves to learn.  He is always having fun learning old and new things.  He is a good friend to others and very respectful.

Kiara Herrera- Kiara is quiet and kind.  She does everything she is asked to do and tries so hard to learn at school.  She is so thoughtful and always listens to her teacher.

Rowdie Frost- Rowdie is always trying her best with following the rules and is such a great example. She works hard to learn and takes the time to do amazing work! She is a great friend to everyone.

Jaxson Cope - Jaxson is such a great example. He follows the rules and is kind to his classmates. He tries hard to learn and does his best work. He also works well with others and includes everyone.

Maverick Gillies - Maverick always does his work and is nice and kind to everyone. We love having  him in our class.

Krew Acuna - Krew always tries to do the right thing.  He also encourages others to make good choices. Krew has worked hard this year to engage and take ownership of his learning.  Because of his attitude, he has improved in reading, writing and even making new friends. Keep up the good work!

Kinslee Nixon - Kinslee has grown so much already this year, both academically and socially. She always tries to do her best and is a great listener. We love having Kinslee as a part of our class family!   

Connor Hawkins - Connor is always working hard to be his Bronco best!  He is kind to everyone, a great helper, and an excellent friend.  He is a hard worker  and eager to try new things.  We love having Connor in our class! 

Hudson Bott - Hudson Is always working hard to do his best. He is always participating in class and is a friend to everyone. 

Leeland Isaac- Leeland is so kind and thoughtful. He is always helping his classmates and his teacher. He is a good friend and an overall sweet person. We love having him in our class! 

Kimberly Estrada - Kimberly is such a team player in our classroom. She is friends with everyone and has a kind heart.  She has been working really hard on reading this school year and her hard work is really showing! We love having Kimberly in our class this year. 

Leah Jensen- Leah, demonstrates all the Bronco Best. She builds up others, she is always wanting to learn more, and challenges herself and sets goals. She takes ownership of her actions. I have caught her doing helpful things all the time without being asked. 

Mason Stewart - Mason is a great kid! He works hard, always completes his work and is so smart and talented. He is a great friend and is a good leader. Mason is a joy to teach.

Kyler Hales -Kyler has made a lot of efforts this year to be a leader of his own learning. He has worked hard to do better in math, and staying focused in class. He tries to be a good example to his classmates and friends!

Cloud Oropeza is a hardworking, caring, friendly, fun student.  He always tries his best and does his best work.  He makes everyone feel welcome and important!

Dylan Hawkins -Dylan is such a hard worker and great student! He always stays on task and is a fantastic friend! He is a perfect example of Bronco Best behavior!

Sebastian Avalos - Sebastian is such a happy kid and always has the best attitude. He is a great friend to everyone. He has really tried to work hard this term.

Oaklie Wignall- Oaklie always is willing to help me and other She does her best work and tries hard in all she does.  Oaklie is a friend to everyone!  

Bridger Olson  -Bridger works really hard to get good grades. He works hard to have a good attitude in class even when things are hard. We love having Bridger in our class!

Keira Chandler - Keira is very helpful to her teacher and willing to help others in her class. She has a big heart and shows empathy to others. She makes our classroom a fun and more kind place to be! 

Huntley Bradshaw is very responsible and always does her best.  She is kind, helpful and a great example to her classmates.