Bronco Best Students for April

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Mon, 06/07/2021 - 00:39
Bronco Best Students for April

Brayden Carmedy - Brayden has come such a long way in this school year.  We can tell he loves school and we are always happy to have him here.  

Kennedy Buffton - Kennedy is always including others when she is playing outside or something in the classroom. She is developing her skills and knows when she needs to improve. She stays on tasks and celebrates her victories as well as others. Way to go Kennedy for being the Bronco Best!

Charley Oldham - Charley set a goal to try to do better everyday.    He has worked hard and I am so proud of him for setting goals to be his Bronco Best!  Way to go!

Sienna Davis -Sienna is a great example of always doing her best! She works hard to get her work in on time.  She is always willing to help others around her complete their work as well.   

Kayson Lindley - Kayson set a goal to be his Bronco Best and works hard each day to achieve this goal.   Way to go Kayson! 

Bridger Gordon - Bridger is so bright and is such a pleasure to be around. He always does his best and gets all his work done on time. He is such a big help in our class!

Easton Mabey - Easton is always doing what is asked! He is smart and hard working but also silly when he wants to be! I love having Easton in class.

Austin Waite -Austin has been working hard this year and made great leaps in his math and reading skills. . 

Heston Smith - Heston is a joy to have in class!  He works hard, does his best on all his assignments, and makes our classroom a fun place to be!  

Carsen Lewis  - Carsen is such a nice boy and a friend to everyone. He is a great student and works hard. He’s always prepared and does excellent work.  

Ace Larsen - Ace is a great kid. He is a great friend and is always trying to help others. He is smart and always does his best work! It has been fun to watch him grow!

Liberty Kindell - Liberty is a fun friend, a happy and upbeat person and kind to everyone!  She is a hard worker tpp!

Sam Eastland - Sam is such a great example in class. He is always on task and is kind and helpful to everyone. 

Carter Oldham- Carter always gives his best effort in whatever he is doing..  He is super smart.  I love that Carter never gives up even when things are hard!  

Tilden Scott - Tilden is a friend to everyone. He has a great attitude and helps others have a great attitude as well. Tilden is a great asset to our class!

Miranda Avolos - Miranda goes the extra mile to help her teacher and classmates and she does it with a happy heart! She is a good friend to others and works hard everyday. She also has the best jokes to keep us laughing and having fun! 

Allee Peterson - Allee works hard to be her Bronco Best.  She has a great attitude and doesn’t give up even when things get challenging.  Allee is a great example to her classmates.

Brody Barney - Brody is a very hard working student and never gives up. He is friendly to all! We love having him in our class!  

Copelan Anderson - Copelan has matured a lot this year. He is on top of his work and on top of his grades. He is observant and kind.

Wilson & Owen Warren - These two brothers add so much to our classroom! They work hard and contribute to a positive classroom community.