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Brockbank Bulletin

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Wed, 09/09/2020 - 09:22


We had quite the surprise today with the cooler weather! It's a good reminder to send a jacket
with your child and make sure it is labeled.

Our students are doing so well and we as a staff are so impressed with how they are doing
with the changes that we are facing. Be sure to thank them for coming ready for the day and
being so patient with their masks, with social distancing, and with following new procedures!


Parents, as we are getting used to following protocol from the Health Department, we want to
thank you for having your child wear masks-clean, cloth masks, for sending home lunches in
paper sacks that children can throw away, for checking your child each morning to make sure
he/she is well, and reminding your child of the school rules.
I have had a few parents ask about backpacks. The original email stated that we encourage no
backpacks, however, if your child needs to bring one, that is fine. I know it is hard, especially for smaller children to try and carry a water bottle and other things. Please do what is best for your child and if he/she needs a backpack, please send one.

As a reminder, birthday treats and other food items are fine, but they must be store-bought and individually wrapped. We cannot have students share with others, treats, lunches, food, etc., such as a box of doughnuts, pizza, cupcakes, that all come in one container.

Please remember that we cannot have any parents walk through the school. We need all
parents to come to the office if there is a reason that they need to go to their child's classroom. This includes walking children to class and waiting for them outside the door at the end of the day.

Please make sure that you are following school rules after school!
*If you pick up your child after school along 300 West, make sure that he/she gets into the
passenger side of the car.
*Please pull out along 300 West and DO NOT flip a U-turn to head north.

*If you park along 300 West on the east side of the road, have your child cross the street at the
intersection with the help of crossing guards. Do not call him/her to cross in the middle of the
*You are welcome to park in the parking lot if you will park your car in a stall and get out of
your car and wait for your child outside.
*Be patient and help us all be safe!
*If you have someone new pick up your child from school, PLEASE explain the rules to that
person and don't have them wonder where he/she should go or park.

Just a reminder that school begins at 8:45 and ends each day at 2:15.
If your children are walking students, please have them come to school no earlier than 8:15. It
will help us with social distancing and with supervision. Thank you!


We have been asked by the State to create a plan for our school to ensure the safety of our
students and staff. Attached is our plan with the procedures that are specific to Brockbank, following the Health Department's Guidelines. Please read this thoroughly so that you can help and support your child.

9/9-PTA Meeting-10:00
9/11-Patriot Day
9/17-Constitution Day
9/21-SDD-School Dismissed at noon
9/28-Picture Day
10/6-School Community Council-3:15
10/15-16-Fall Break
10/30-No School