Brockbank Students Raise Money for Primary Children's Hospital

Terri Jensen

It's not to late to help Brockbank raise some funds for Primary Children’s Hospital and have some fun!

Do you know anyone who has been helped by the Primary Children’s Hospital? The kids are there because they need help. Our Kid Power committee knows that if we all come together we can make a difference in our world. To celebrate the students that step up to the challenge to help the kids. Kid Power committee created the Brockbank Fun Zone. For every 25 cents that you donate you will get a ticket to use at the fun zone. In the fun zone there will be a choice of 5 different challenges each one will cost one ticket. The fun zone has been open in the gym during lunch recess. Each grade getting a different day of the week. This is the last week to donate and buy tickets for the fun zone.

The goal is to raise $1000 for Primary Children’s Hospital. If you haven't donated yet please do. Even small donations help.After the 2 weeks of fundraising for the fun zone ends you can still donate because there will  be a class challenge to raise money to help the kids at Primary Children’s Hospital. Every class that raises at least $25 will get to do a class completion.