School News

Brockbank Students Pledge to Tune Out Violence


Tuesday, November 15, for Red Ribbon Week students wore purple to represent that "Our School Rocks! We Tune Out Violence!" After announces students watched a video clip of Lillian Hepler singing a song she wrote about treating each other like we would like to be treated. Teachers reinforced the importance to students of being violence free. What they should do if they see violence, or what to do if someone is being violent toward them.

Brockbank Red Ribbon Week


November 14 - 18, 2016 -Red Ribbon Week at Brockbank Elementary.  The theme for the week was "Heroes Don't Do Drugs!" There has been a lot of great activities planned this week to remind us that being active, being kind, and having a healthy lifestyle is the way to live! Monday, November 14, the school had a special assembly to get Red Ribbon Week off to a great start!  As the students were going to the gym they walked down the halls lined with teachers cheering them on.

Brockbank Fifth Grade Students Meet Spanish Fork Police Department's K9 Dog


Tuesday, November 8, Brockbank fifth-graders had the opportunity to meet Spanish Fork Police Department's K9 dog "Lord" and his trainer/handler Officer Cory Grover. Students got to see some of the things Lord is trained to do in helping in drug detection and apprehension of criminals. Officer Bryon DeWitt who teaches D.A.R.E. to the fifth-graders wore a padded suit so students could see some of Lord's training. The students really enjoyed having Officer Grover come and speak to them and to see Lord. 

Veterans Visit Brockbank

Photos taken by Rebecca Jensen

Friday, November 11, Brockbank Elementary had some very special visitors come to our school to honor Veteran's Day. We are so proud of all of our veterans and enjoy having them come and talk to us each year. The program consisted of a slide show presentation, and the veterans introducing themselves and talking to the students. It was a very touching assembly reminding us all why veterans are so important and about all the sacrifices that they have made for us so that we can be free.

Brockbank Fifth Grade Students Held Wax Museum

Recently Brockbank Elementary fifth-graders held their wax museum. The students picked a famous person in American history, they did research on that person, memorizing interesting and important facts, and then they got to dress-up like that person for a day. During the day, students from other grades were able to visit the museum and learn about these famous Americans. That night there was a program so that parents and grandparents could come and see what the students had learned. It was a very fun and educational experience for all that participated.

Brockbank Bulletin


Hello, Brockbank Families!

This week is Red Ribbon Week and we look forward to a lot of great activities that will help us to remember to make good choices and live a healthy lifestyle!  Here is what we have planned for each day:


Wednesday:  Wear anything that represents a Super Hero!  I HAVE THE POWER TO BE DRUG FREE!

Thursday:  Wear any type of sports gear (hats are allowed this day) WINNERS DON’T DO DRUGS!

Brockbank Students Receive Traveling Trophy for Having School Spirit

Brockbank students show their school spirit by wearing their school t-shirts or the school colors (maroon or navy blue) every Friday. The PTA decides each month the class that has shown the most "school spirit" and they get the traveling trophy in their class for that month. October's winners were first place and getting the trophy, Mrs. Camille Pearson's fifth-grade class. Second place went to last months winners, Mrs. Caitlin Dawe's second grade class. Tied for third place were Mrs. Marcy Noorda's first-grade class and Mr. Gregory Hunt's third-grade class.

Brockbank First Grade Students Enjoyed Field Trip to Cornbellys!

Recently the first-grade students at Brockbank Elementary spent the day at Cornbelly's Corn Maze at Thanksgiving Point. They enjoyed all the activities learning about farming and agriculture. The first-graders especially enjoyed bouncing on the jumping pillows and the "big" rocking chair. Each of the students got a small pumpkin to bring back with them. It was a fun day! Brockbank first-grade students and their teachers really appreciate the Herbst family for allowing them to come and enjoy the day!