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March 2010

Brockbank's Chess Team Places Fifth at District Chess Tournament

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Fri, 03/26/2010 - 10:19
Brockbank Chess Team

Saturday, March 6, 2010, Brockbank's Chess Team went to Cherry Creek Elementary for the District Chess Tournament. Brockbank did very well bringing back a fifth place team trophy. Several students received individual trophies; from second-grade, Zackery Schaugaard took sixth place; from third-grade Ethan Oyler took first place and Tanner Bean took seventh place; from fourth-grade, Micha Crandall took seventh place, Benson Dickey took eighth place, and Caden Critchfield took tenth place.  All of the students did a great job!


Brockbank Celebrates "A Grand Morning!"

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Fri, 03/19/2010 - 11:01
Pictured is Emrie Pintar, Sally Hansen, Andrew Pintar, Max Hansen, and Brooklin Pintar with their Grand pa Louie Pintar.

Brockbank Elementary celebrated "A Grand Morning" on Friday, March 12. It was the kick-off for the annual spring book fair hosted by the PTA. Students were able to invite anyone they thought was "grand" to the book fair. Along with reading good books the students and their guests were able to enjoy doughnuts and milk. Thank you to the PTA who sponsored this activity, it was "A Grand Morning".


Brockbank Fifth-Graders Enjoy Science Activity!

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Fri, 03/12/2010 - 15:06
Pictured is Tristen Rasmussen, Jordan Gabbitas, and Elyse Hansen

Mrs. Alexandra Dedrickson's fifth-grade class is just finishing a science unit on static and current electricity. As a cumulative activity each student participated in making a series circut. The students were given a power source or battery, light bulb, switch, and copper wire. They were all excited when their experiment worked!

Brockbank Fourth-Graders Learn about Utah's Watercycle

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Fri, 03/12/2010 - 14:33

A representative from the Utah County Stormwater Coalition came to Brockbank as part of the fourth-grade science cirriculum to talk to the students about Utah's watercycle. Some of the students got to help with a demostration on how everyday activites such as soil erosion, fertilizers and pesticides, oil/vehicle fluids, litter, soaps, animal waste, and household hazardous chemicals can affect and polute our water supply.

Brockbank Fifth-Graders Visit State Capital!

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Fri, 03/12/2010 - 14:15
Pictured is  Mrs. Cynthia Loreens fifth-grade class on the steps of the Utah State Capital

Friday, March 5, fifth-graders at Brockbank Elementary visited the Utah State Capitol Building. Representative Mike Morley's staff gave students a tour of the newly renovated capitol building and also arranged for the students to be announced from the House floor. Students enjoyed watching legislators in session from the gallery above. Fifth graders study government in their social studies curriculum and being able to visit the capitol building while the legislature was in session was a real treat!

Brockbank Fourth-Grade Pioneer Program

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Fri, 03/12/2010 - 10:38
Pictured is Sydney and Brent Money, Brylee and Jim Marziale, BrookLynn and Jon Ellis, and Isaac and Regina Dillman

On Thursday, March 4, the fourth-grade students at Brockbank Elementary celebrated their Utah Heritage with a pioneer program. Students along with their parents came dressed in pioneer/cowboy attaire to sing and dance like the pioneers did so many years ago. It was a fun evening and everyone enjoyed themselves!



Brockbank Hansen Heroes for February

Submitted by brenda.johnson on Fri, 03/05/2010 - 10:04
Elise Wilson, Principal Alison Hansen, Daniel Jones, and Austin Scheetz. In front - Jenna Hansen, Ashlyn Herbst, and LeeAnn Ellis

Brockbank is happy to announce their Hansen Heroes for the month of February.

From first-grade is Ashlyn Herbst from Mrs. Janna Runolfson's class. Mrs. Runolfson says, "Ashlyn always follows directions and is a good example to the class. She is a friend to everyone and is a joy to teach!"

Jenna Hansen is from Mr. Nathan Wright's second-grade class. Mr. Wright says, "Jenna is a very smart girl. She loves to come to school and loves to learn. Jenna is a good friend to everyone in our class and is really fun to be around!"


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